Cindy Costner

Cindy Costner is an American Social Activist, Model, Actress, and Influencer. She is the Ex-wife of Kevin Costner. Not many people knew about her until she announced her divorce from her first partner, two Golden Globe Award winner, Hollywood actor Kevin Costner.

Cindy Costner
Cindy Costner

Her first husband Kevin is counted among the well-known actors in Hollywood. Cindy has also worked in some Hollywood movies. We just know about ‘Liteweight‘ and ‘Dances with Wolves‘. Kevin also acted in Dances with Wolves. In this movie, Cindy was included as the Wagon Master and Kevin played the role of Lieutenant Dumbar. The two first met when they were studying at California State University.


NameCindy Costner
Birth NameCynthia Silva
Date of Birth29 October 1956
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionModel, Actress
Education California State University
Zodiac SignScorpio

Cynthia was born on 29 October 1956 in California, United States. She was born to a couple Louis Silva and Patricia Joan Antonucci. She also has a sister named Cathy Silva. Both studied at private high school, later she joined California State University for further studies and pursued a degree in Biological Science.

In school, Cindy became interested in the performing arts. As a child, she used to play characters in her school. Initially, she played the roles of Cinderella and Snow White at Disneyland in Anaheim.


MotherPatricia Joan Antonucci
FatherLouis Silva
SisterCathy Silva
Ex-husbandKevin Costner
DaughterAnnie, Lily McCall
SonJoseph Tedrick

Both Kevin and Cindy were studying at the same university. In those days they met for the first time. Kevin Costner saw in Cindy the qualities he wanted in his partner, so the two began dating. They married on 11 February in the year 1978 after dating for three years. They had three children, Annie, Lily McCall, and Joseph Tedrick. The two lived together for 16 years and later separated on December 12, 1994, due to Kevin’s desire to play sexy roles in Hollywood Movies.

Like their father, all three children have worked in films. Of these, Annie Kostner is the eldest daughter. She was born on 15 April 1984 in Los Angeles. She is interested in acting, producing, and directing. She has a production company called Sound off Films which she founded in 2014. In the year 2016, she Married Dr. Danny Cox.

They had a second daughter on 4 August 1986, whom they named Lily McCall Costner. She was born in Los Angeles County, California. She like acting in movies like her father and is also fond of singing. Their son Joseph Tedrick Costner had played child characters in some movies. He was born on January 31, 1988. He is interested in audio editing. He is the founder and CEO of Spartan Recording Studio.

Reason for Separation

Cindy received more media coverage when she spoke about the divorce. The two met in 1976 when they were students at the University of California. Cindy was beautiful and smarter than Kevin. Kevin started liking her. The bond grew between the two and both became friends, later they started dating. Kevin and Cindy went to see the Funny Girl movie for their first date. After some time, Kevin introduced Cindy to his family members. In 1978, both decided to get married.

Kevin was getting popularity in Hollywood. During this, Cindy was angry about some of Kevin’s characters. According to her, Kevin should not have played such S*xy scenes. According to Kevin, Cindy was always better at maintaining relationship. During the filming of the movies, Kevin became closer to other girls and Cindy began to notice erratic behavior in him. Later, this became the reason for their divorce.

Cindy told this to Kevin and expressed her concern about such scenes. She started getting more worried about intimate scenes of Kevin with other women in his movies. Once at the premiere of a movie, seeing such scenes, Cindy grabbed Kevin’s hand so tightly that blood drained from his hand. After this Cindy gave him an ultimatum to stop doing such scenes or stop working in movies. After some time both of them decided to take a Divorce.


Who is Cindy Costner?

Ans. Cindy Costner is an American Social Activist known as an E-wife of Hollywood actor Kevin Costner.

When did Cindy marry Kevin?

Ans. Cindy married Kevin Costner on February 11, 1978, after dating for three years.

When did they get divorced?

Ans. December 12, 1994

What are the names of Cindy and Kevin’s children?

Ans. They have two daughters, Annie, Lily McCall, and a son, Joseph Tedrick.

How long were they married?

Ans. They were married for 16 years.

Did she remarry?

Ans. Cindy is now married to Larry Ameen.

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